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Beauty & Youth, Meet the Eye

Imagery /ˈimij(ə)rē/ is a noun and defined as mental images, figurative language, pictures produced by an imaging system, and the art of making images.

Engraved in our subconscious is imagery. How we imagine ourselves plays a significant role in our daily routine. Is this because of our culture, insecurities, or is it just human nature?

Some studies show that we spend the extra time on our definition of looking handsome or beautiful is to fulfill this biological notion of increasing our attractiveness to aid in reproduction authentically.

Cosmetics allow us to achieve this physical attractiveness.

Cosmetics play an integral role in our day to day lives. Oh, and it is not just the makeup. It can be a simple showering or complex as a 3-hour session with a makeup artist. Showering requires soap and water. Simple, right? Of course, not.

What brand soap are you going to buy? Will it make your skin smooth or dry? Will it make you smell "attractive and clean"? So many questions arise when we are grooming ourselves.

The hunt for a resource that tells us how are cosmetics affecting your eyes began. Today, there is very little research on cosmetics and the eye. Most of the studies look at eyeliner, lash boosters and false eyelashes. Some points made in the studies were that shadows, liners, and mascara could contaminate our tear film.

So, here is my message to you today! I recommend a few things to reduce the micro-bacteria, debris and other foreign material present on our eyes.

Cleaning the eyelids daily

We Love Eyes® Foam Cleanser, Heyedrate® Lid & Lash Cleanser, OCuSOFT® lid scrub foam Cleanser

Use makeup products without toxic ingredients

Talc, BHA*, urea, sulfates, phthalates, kohl, other heavy metals/glue

Only use ophthalmological tested eye creams/gels
Do not rub face cleanser on the fragile eyelid skin
Replace makeup every 3-4 months

For the eye care professionals reading this, let us get some studies that dig deeper into ocular surface disease and its relationship with cosmetics and daily eyelid hygiene.

See you on the next blink, y'all !


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Disclosures: none

*BHA: Butylated hydroxyanisole

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